The Perfect Match Boutique, established in 1989, is dedicated to helping women lead fuller lives after breast surgery. Our experienced and compassionate staff is committed to earning the trust and confidence of the women we serve. We offer the most complete and highest quality selection of post-mastectomy products available from manufacturers such as American Breast Care, Amoena, Anita, Almost U, Trulife, Jodee, T.H.E. and more. We have a large inventory of prostheses, bras, swimwear, hats and accessories. In the majority of cases you will leave our store with some if not all of your goods after your first fitting. Our facility is accredited and our staff is certified.

Achieving a symmetrical appearance after breast surgery can be challenging for some women. Custom molded to fit each individual, Radiant Impressions offers choices not available with a standard off-the-shelf breast form. The Perfect Match Boutique is an enthusiastic Radiant Impressions custom breast forms dealer. This line offers products ideal for mastectomy, lumpectomy, reconstruction and bilateral surgeries, as well as a nipple/areola perfect for women who choose not to undergo nipple/areola reconstruction. Please read more about this exciting product!

At the Perfect Match Boutique we understand that there are many who need our services after certain types of breast conserving surgeries. After a lumpectomy and reconstruction there may still be an imbalance and we have a full line of partial prosthesis options to address this. These are covered by insurance companies and help restore symmetry, balance and a sense of self-esteem. Molded cup bras also help to enhance these types of surgeries and we have many beautiful styles available.

Breast cancer places individuals at lifelong risk for the development of lymphedema. Early identification and treatment is believed to yield better patient outcomes. Some of the symptoms include perceived swelling, tightness, tingling or heaviness in the arm, chest or trunk. The Perfect Match Boutique partners with lymphedema clinics in the area and provides compression garments for those in need. We carry sleeves and gloves from leading manufacturers such as Juzo, Medi and Jobst as well as night-time wear by Reid and Jovi-Pak. We deal with Lymphedivas - an innovative and exciting designer of compression sleeves and gauntlets in an eye-opening array of prints. We also measure for custom products for both upper and lower extremities.

We offer a full line of skin care products by Lindi Skin. Lindi Skin was developed specifically for cancer patients, and is intended to help individuals feel better and gain a greater degree of control over the side effects they experience during radiation therapy and chemotherapy. The natural properties of water and aloe vera combine to provide cooling relief for compromised skin after radiation in the Lindi Cooler Roll which is reimbursable by some insurance companies.

Appointments are recommended so that we may obtain accurate insurance information and any necessary pre-authorizations. We participate with most major insurances and Medicare. Please give us a call or drop in for a visit and see why we have become the leading facility in the central Pennsylvania area for after breast surgery and compression needs.

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